Spring Break 2022

March 29, 2022 Family vacation

It wasn't much, but it was the best I could do, and that's enough.

This year for spring break, we all stayed home. I'm in the middle of starting a job for JCA, working full time on the ambulances. The orientation period is proving to take longer than I had anticipated, but I am glad the vetting process and additional training is as substantial as it is proving to be. Despite the cold, breezy days we have had, the kids and I have made the best of it and made it out to Dahlem for a quick walk yesterday, and we went to Hidden Lake Gardens today. Both places are our sanctuary from daily life, and our zen. I love how even though we have been going there for 10+ years, the kids still have that look of wonder and magic in their eyes when they see the world returning back to life in the spring.

We decided as a family that I should not take any further photography contracts this year beyond the ones that were signed in 2021. It will give me time to work full time, catch on to the new job, and really figure out how my schedule is going to work. As it turns out, we have shift bids every 3 months and I won't know from month to month what my schedule will be. I didn't see that coming. It will be a challenge for sure!

Till the time I can fully return back to photography with a limited schedule, I will keep my skills sharp within our local parks and on whatever adventures will allow me to travel with my camera, and will continue to share through this blog.