Family Vacation - Hocking Hills Pt. 2

June 18, 2021 iPhone 11, My personal life, Family vacation

Dodging Raindrops - Lower Old Man’s Cave

Lower Old Man’s Cave Hiking Trail

I’ve been here before, and you can see my other blog post here. That was end of last April. I’m not sure who forgot to pay the water bill, but the waterfalls were all shut off during my last visit! The hike was still beautiful. Foliage was full, and it was like walking through a cloud, the humidity was so heavy in the gorge. All of that fog made the hike surreal, and strange. It was like walking from one world into another. The kids, who had fallen asleep in the car after their adventures in Ash Cave, were fully awake and ready to start another. Their energy was enthusiastic and ready to explore. This area might just always be my favorite place to be.

Sleeping in a Hammock (in the rain) 101

I must have looked like an idiot trying to set up a hammock in the rain for the first time. I had only set it up twice before, and both times without rain. If one must get wet, then so be it.

On that note, despite what looks like a rain fly that one would get soaked trying to use, I stayed bone dry underneath it all night through all the rain. Listening to rain on a rain fly is like listening to it on a tin roof, and it was so soothing. The hammock was the most comfortable camping bed I have EVER slept on, and I highly recommend it. Also, I highly recommend sleeping with a hammock quilt even if its 78 degrees at night. After an hour, my whole body was chilled to the bone, and I had to run to the van to get my puffy blanket and hammock quilt. I’m soooooooooo glad I brought it just in case!