Family Vacation 2021 - Return to Hocking Hills

June 18, 2021 My personal life, Family vacation, Travel, iPhone 11, Canon 5D,Mii

Day 1 - Hocking Hills, Logan, OH

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Our drive started with a flat tire in a thunderstorm that followed us for 5 of the 5.5 hour drive to Hocking Hills. I was hoping this rough start wouldn’t predict the remainder of our 14 day adventure. We set the tent up in the rain, and we took the tents down in the rain, cutting our stay in Hocking Hills short a day. We were able to dodge raindrops on day 2 long enough to visit Ash Cave and Lower Old Man’s cave, which are my 2 favorite places to visit when I’m there. I was also hoping to hike Conkles Hollow, Whispering Caves, and the Upper Old Man’s Cave, but alas, Mother Nature had a different plan.

These pictures are from my iPhone 11 from our adventures at Ash Caves…Read the next post to see Lower Old Man’s Cave and my adventures with sleeping in a hammock in the rain for the first time ever…