September 24, 2020

2020 Christmas Mini Sessions

mini sessions

I almost didn't think it would happen this year...

I have to tell you, when the universe speaks, you listen. I thought for sure that Covid-19 would be the end of my photography business...but this has been my best year yet, and I couldn't even work for the first few months of our spring/summer season due to the Stay Home, Stay Safe Orders. Miracles can happen...ok there was hard work and planning involved too.

I didn't think I would be able to host my beloved Christmas Mini Sessions this year...but I was wrong again. Thanks to a couple of amazingly supportive women who have also become my clients, their family has opened up their farm in Addison and is letting us use their classic Chevy pick up truck (pictured above). I couldn't be more excited!

So after getting the family's approval, I thought about the design and set up and hit Amazon Prime running. Let those fingers talk baby! You guys, there will be Christmas greens, red vintage looking lanterns, plaid blankets, faux fur textures, and cabin style throw pillows, as well as a few things I already have in storage to decorate. This will be a super cozy, classic, and festive backdrop for your family's holiday photographs this year.

October 10th, I have an appointment to set up the whole shebang and take pictures to add to the blog posts, Facebook event, and the booking web site I have linked to make everything easy for you to book this year. Some of this things will be arriving as early as this weekend! Squee! I love Christmas so much!

Hey, if you are already familiar with my work, and you already know you want to book your sessions, head on over to the link, and get'r'done! I can't wait to see your bright and shining faces in November!