Christmas Mini Sessions 2020 - Follow up

November 13, 2020 mini sessions

My favorite time of the year...

This has been a challenging year, to say the least, and I thought for sure we would not be hosting mini sessions this year as Covid has swept through the nation. It has recently hit our area hard with a second wave of contagion. However, enough families believed in my abilities, and needed to keep hope alive in their hearts that Covid would not stand in the way of their Christmas, and because of them, I feel so blessed!

As I could not open up my home studio because of Michigan's standing Covid-19 policies, I though for sure I would not be able to host mini sessions this year. Then this amazing man with a smoking hot 41 Chevy pick up and a big farm invited me to host mini sessions at his place. Little did he know that shooting a Christmas session with a RED classic pickup had been on my bucket list for more than 12 years!!! You better bet your britches I accepted!

Two days before the sessions were to be held, I received a call from my Santa and Mrs. Clause. Covid struck their family too. Fortunately, we had zero contact with each other in over a month, so the show still went on. As it turned out, the rapid test gave a false positive, and no one was actually ill. WHEW! That was a close call!!! Thank you for all my clients who sent prayers and positive vibes out to the Clause family.

Fourteen photoshoots in 1 weekend!!!! That totally blew me out of the water! This is the best turn out I have ever had for holiday themed mini sessions! You guys were all the best, and I am so glad to have met each and every one of you!