Goodbye Earl

September 30, 2020

Inspired by the Dixie Chick's song, "Goodbye Earl"

Living through domestic violence, or even watching someone you love go through a violent relationship is heartbreaking. Walking into this shoot, I was apprehensive, as I am a survivor. I wasn't sure what kind of emotions this would trigger. As we got further into this shoot, the women I was photographing, told me what inspired this shoot from front to back, and I have never felt more honored to help them bring their vision to reality. It wasn't until the shoot was over, and I was culling through the pictures we had created that I just let loose and balled my eyes out. Even now, I'm kind of choking up a bit.

People....If you are in a violent, or otherwise abusive relationship, get help. Be braver than you think you can be because yes, you are that strong. Get out! Tell your story, and pay it forward. Be the inspiration, be the strength, be the one that helps someone else survive.